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Our books help in self-navigating on the job market. If you consider different career paths, and you are interested in self-development, check out this material!

“What is out there for me? The landscape of post-PhD career tracks”

Natalia Bielczyk’s first book is released on Amazon (as ebook & paperback). We can highly recommend this book for researchers considering careers in industry!

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Opinions about the book:

“This book is a real one-of-a-kind and comprehensive guide for all graduate students or postdocs still facing a typical dilemma of whether to stay or leave academia. The author’s first-hand experience, both, as a scientist and a consultant to hundreds of young PhD candidates gave her a unique, balanced view helping to reconcile a number of options we are all facing. The book astonishes with countless observations, facts, and solid knowledge about the industry job market for past-academics. Besides being a great read, a vivid personal story makes it also very authentic and convincing.” – Radek C., PhD

“The author presents a thoroughly-researched and well-organized guide to the post-PhD landscape. Filled with actionable recommendations and personal anecdotes, the book is as informative as it is engaging. I especially appreciated how the author frames the list of post-PhD vocations in terms of each segment’s cultural-norms, their “tribalisms.” Reading the author’s hard-earned insights into what compels recruiters/VC’s to hire/fund a Ph.D. leaves me better prepared to navigate the vast horizon of opportunities outside academia, and finally, land that ‘dream job.'” – Megan Shelfer

“This is the book we should have received while doing our PhD or maybe even before. There are a series of practical examples on how to overcome life after a PhD (or several years of following postdoc which is worse). How to be re-integrated in the society, to take advantage of the soft-skills you learned during your academic career and the flaw you have because you worked little outside academia. There is also some practical exercise to figure out your “style” and where would be better to focus your energy on a successful career outside academia. I liked the charts and visual explanations particularly. Highly recommended.” – Alessandro Crimi, PhD