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We arrange meetings with PhDs who now successfully pursue careers in industry, as well as career experts and other professionals with interesting personal stories and insights about the job market worth sharing. We post the episodes on Sundays at 5 pm GMT (7 pm CEST) on our YouTube channel. To access the recordings of the previous episodes and read the guests’ bios, please scroll down the page. If you would like to receive such content on a regular basis, subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Of course, a good webinar is all about inviting guests who are mindful, have an interesting story behind, and are open to share the story with all the inventory. If you would like to be our guests, or you have an interesting person in mind, please share with us!

We'd Love To Take Your Questions On Board!

Please find the list up upcoming guests below! If you have questions for some of our upcoming speakers, please ask your questions ASAP through the following form:

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