May 10, 2020 | E001 How To Spot a Job, a Career, or a “Calling”? What Do They Mean, and How To Approach Them?


Claudio Corrao is a Leadership and Team Performance Coach that focuses on creating healthier working cultures in startups and organizations. His goal is to foster a sense of meaning, trust, engagement, alignment, and creativity among team members and organizations as a means to achieve healthier work environments that lead to higher levels of employee satisfaction. Claudio conducts workshops on how to influence our minds to define our vision and how to use the inner motivators that push us forward and overcome the saboteurs that hold us back, with the final goal of gaining the results that we want. Furthermore, he has coached several startup founders on providing them with the clarity and strategic plan that they needed to bring themselves and their companies to the desired state.

With a background in business management and leadership, Claudio is passionate about communication, human behavior, leadership, and organizational culture. In this webinar, Claudio focused on how to nail the job hunting. How to spot a job, a career, or a “calling”? What do they mean, and how to approach them? How to give ourselves a purpose, a vision, and goals, which are especially important when looking for jobs? How to develop a value-based approach? How to master self-expression when applying for jobs? Claudio’s LinkedIn profile: Please contact Claudio if you need some advice with respect to: (1) Optimizing the strategy when applying for jobs, (2) Communication strategies during a job interview, (3) Aligning skills and competencies for a career transition to a different field. The episode was recorded on May 10th, 2020. This material represents the speaker’s personal views and not the views of their employer(s).

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