Are you a researcher considering a career switch towards industry? Are you searching for efficient tools to advance your career and become competitive in the job market? Take part in our intensive career events for researchers – our ambitious goal is to help you reduce the time you need to find a new career for the whole year!

Career Talks

We cast meetings with researchers who successfully developed careers in industry and with career experts. We post recordings from these meetings every Sunday at 3 pm GMT (5 pm CEST) on our YouTube channel. Ask our guests your own questions!


We offer the Individual Career Orientation Program for PhDs and other highly qualified professionals who have a strong commitment to finding a new job in industry. The coaching program is prepared on an individual basis. We always adjust the approach to the professional based on the informational interview.


We are currently working on a novel recruitment solution dedicated to highly qualified professionals with a research background. Our matching solution takes into account not only hard and soft skills, but also personal values, expectations towards jobs, and non-material qualities. We not only care about the match but also the adaptation process within the company after signing the contract.


Our books help in self-navigating on the job market. If you consider different career paths and you are interested in self-development as a professional, check out this material!

Recommended services

We also recommend coaching services and public talks other experts in field of career advisory for PhDs.