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NataliaThe main content creator of Welcome Solutions is Dr. Natalia Bielczyk. Natalia is a researcher with a background in Medical Physics, Applied Mathematics, and Psychology (3xMS obtained from University of Warsaw), and Computational Neuroscience (PhD obtained from the Donders Graduate School, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre).

In 2018, she established Stichting Solaris Onderzoek en Ontwikkeling, an international non-profit organization with ANBI status which helps researchers in getting better mentoring in academia and in successful transfers to industry. She is the author of the book “What is out there for me? The landscape of post-PhD career tracks.” In her free time, Natalia blogs about jobs, careers, science, and whereabouts.

In recent years, Natalia has also developed a broad personal network in IT and biotech industries, from startups to corporations, both within the Netherlands and abroad.

Natalia also has former experience in helping academics in career development. In 2017-2019, she was working as a Career Development & Mentoring Manager in the Organization for Human Brain Mapping Student & Postdoc Special Interest Group. She was coordinating the OHBM International Online Mentoring Program and organizing international symposia dedicated to mentoring and career development. She is a holder of Basiskwalificatie in Onderzoekstages (BKO), a Dutch professional academic teaching qualification.

Personal website: www.nataliabielczyk.com

Academic CV: www.nataliabielczyk.com/mycv, PhD thesis

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/nataliabielczyk

Twitter: @nbielczyk_neuro

Natalia’s personal story: PhD Career Stories, episode #97

Welcome Solutions YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxZo9iXwe_urP60kFlrpEHw/


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