Individual Online Career Orientation Program

Are you an academic who is actively looking for job opportunities in industry but without success? Or perhaps, you feel that you have reached a dead-end in your current career, and you have a sense of void and purposelessness? Do you feel that you are not growing optimally at your current job — but you don’t know why? Are you looking for inspiration and guidance to change your career track? Or perhaps, are you a senior researcher and you are searching for help for your employee who needs to reconceptualize their career path?

In Welcome Solutions, we understand that the process of applying for jobs and landing a new position is only the final 20% of the success. The first 80% of all the effort, is to dig deep into yourself and figure out which door to knock at with your talents and personality.

We offer the Individual Career Orientation Program for PhDs and other highly qualified professionals who have a strong commitment to finding a new job in industry. The coaching program is prepared on an individual basis: we propose the roadmap based on the informational interview.

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