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Recruitment services

Are you searching for a highly qualified employee with a research background — a professional with a bright analytic mind who is also skilled in conceptualizing and leading projects? We are working on a novel recruitment solution dedicated to highly-qualified workforce that maximizes the chances for a obtaining perfect fit between the employer and employee. Please contact us to find out more!

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Coaching services

Do you have a new employee with research background who has issues with adapting to the new working culture and to the new expectations? We are experts in cross-cultural employment. We understand the differences between the mindsets in various working environments and we can effectively coach your employee to become more efficient and happier at work.

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Online career fair

Are you tired with renting booths at on-site career fairs where you are only given a few hours to present yourself to the audience? Are you willing to present your company to a wider audience — PhDs and other professionals with academic background — in a modern way: present your headquarters and your team, talk about your vision, and the company culture? Would you like to put yourself on the map as a good employer? Now you can promote online where your promotional material will be available for unlimited time and can go viral!

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