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We offer career orientation courses at both graduate and undergraduate level. We always adjust the agenda of the course to the schedule preferred by the client. The prices are customized and depend on the group size.

In our courses, we are focused on combining knowledge about the job market with self-discovery. We are practical, goal-oriented, and we always take an individual approach to our course participants. We conduct aptitude tests, exercises and homework prepared within Welcome Solutions that help our students to determine which future career path is best for them.

At the end of the training, the participants better understand their strengths and weaknesses and have a much clearer picture of what “dream job” means for them, and what steps to take to get this job. We always conclude the course with an additional 1-1 meeting to discuss the personal progress after the course and to prepare a personal strategy for the job application process together with the participant. This individual approach highly accelerates the process of transitioning to industry.

We also offer individual coaching programs/sessions (please see below).

Career orientation courses for PhDs and PhD candidates in transition to industry

We offer our workshops in the following formats:

8-Week Online Career Development Course for Researchers in Transition to Industry

The course includes 2-hour group sessions spanning over a period of 8 weeks. The training is recommended for researchers who aim to start their career orientation process while still working full time at the university, and prefer to dedicate 2-3 hours per week for this purpose.

Agenda & Syllabus

One-Day Intensive Career Development Event for Researchers in Transition to Industry — on-site, in the location specified by the client.

This workshop is a full-day sprint career event. This fast-paced, high-intensity training is recommended for researchers who need to quickly increase their knowledge about the job market, and start looking for jobs straight away.

Agenda & Syllabus

Two-Day Intensive Career Development Event for Researchers in Transition to Industry — on-site, in the location specified by the client.

As opposed to the one-day version, the two-day session includes an increased amount of discussion time and consultancy, more exercises in pairs and group games, and homework. These events are recommended for researchers who have more time to consider various career paths before making decisions on where to go next.

Agenda & Syllabus

Blitz 2-Hour Online Workshop “The Landscape of Post-PhD Career Tracks”

This is an intensive and entertaining group training focused on introducing the job market for PhD graduates. In this workshop, we go through 8 main types of working environments (a.k.a., tribes) and their characteristics. We also review the strategies for how you can land a job in these tribes.

Agenda & Syllabus

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Career orientation courses for undergraduates

Career orientation for undergraduate students differs from the career orientation on the graduate level: since most undergraduate students don’t have any major working experience yet, they have less knowledge about themselves.

We offer career orientation courses on the Master’s level. The material in the course is always customized to the target group of students, e.g., international students, students of Electrical Engineering, students of the humanities, etc. In these courses, we put even more focus on self-discovery than in the courses offered for graduates.

Agenda & Syllabus

Public talks

It is also possible to book a talk given by Dr. Natalia Bielczyk (either online or on-site) dedicated to self-navigation on the job market, careers for PhDs and Master’s graduates, and the process of adaptation to the new working culture and finding your identity in the new working environment.

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Individual coaching programs/sessions for researchers in transition to industry

Do you want to help your employee who currently experiences burnout and/or who needs to reconceptualize their career path and look for options outside academia? In Welcome Solutions, we understand that the process of applying for jobs and landing a new position is only the final 20% of the success. The first 80% of all the effort, is to dig deep into yourself and figure out which door to knock at with your talents and personality.

We offer the Individual Career Orientation Program for PhDs and other highly qualified professionals who have a strong commitment to finding a new job in industry. The coaching program is prepared on an individual basis. We always adjust the approach to the professional based on the informational interview.

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