Innovative recruitment solutions

In Welcome Solutions, we build innovative recruitment solutions for hiring highly qualified professionals. Today, highly qualified employees value non-material qualities of the jobs higher than position titles and high salaries. Although a decent paycheck is a huge benefit, most job seekers make their ultimate career decisions based on the role in the team, the amount of responsibility associated with the position, the working style in the team, the diversity within the company, sustainability, opportunities for growth, etc.

However, these non-material qualities are often miscommunicated or skipped during recruitment. As a result, there is an over 50% rate of mis-hirings nowadays (employees leaving the company in less than 18 months after signing the contract). This migration on the job market is a major issue and a source of never-ending frustration to young, ambitious, highly qualified employees.

In Welcome Solutions, we aim to bridge this gap. Our solution matches employers with highly-qualified job seekers taking into account not only hard and soft skills, but also expectations towards the jobs, and non-material qualities. We use psychometrics combined with machine learning for matching. However, the main strength of our approach lies in the way we collect the data. Our new solution requires introspection and empathy from both the job seekers and employers. We believe that putting this initial effort into communication, and open discussion upon mutual expectations is the best way to make sure that the employer and the employee will be happy together ever after.

We also believe that good recruitment doesn’t end on the day of signing the contract. Therefore, our recruitment solutions also involve mentoring fresh employees to help them adapt to the company culture. You won’t be left alone in your new job!

We are based in the Netherlands. Thus, currently, we are oriented at filling positions at the Dutch job market. If you are currently based in the Netherlands or you might consider moving to the Netherlands for your dream job, please consider taking the chance. For researchers, our recruitment solution is free of charge.

How to start

Are you a PhD (candidate) who is willing to try our solution while looking for jobs? The process is very simple: you only register in our database once. You will then be called for confirmation that you are interested whenever we have a good job offer match for you. If so, your data will be passed to the company recruiter for their consideration.

Of course, you can modify or erase your data from the database at any time, as explained in our GDPR policy. Please contact us through the form below to receive the details!
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Please, check also our intensive workshops for researchers considering careers in industry. These courses will help you to get a much better orientation in the job market before you start applying for jobs.

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